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  1. Can someone tell me what is so awesome about the Leeds show?
    Everywhere I go on the internet I hear that Leeds is one of their favorites.
  2. Excellent sounding bootleg...Great performances of eight Pop songs (Miami included)....awesome version of Rain to close the show....

    My only complaint is that Edge was still doing his karyoke thing - had yet to bring out his classic version of SBS.
  3. "I can't even operate the fucking hoover, man!"

  4. I was at that show and it was as epic as it sounds
  5. Infact might listen to it on my way to work
  6. How many Popmart bootlegs do you guys all have?
  7. Is Leeds worth downloading?
  8. Leeds is definitely worth downloading. Great gig
  9. Even if you already have, like, 7 Popmart bootlegs?