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  1. I like Leeds and Sarajewo
  2. Ok....Just downloaded Santiago.....Sarajevo and Leeds next....thanks for the advice......Damn....I wish they were still touring
  3. Don't we all...

    Hopefully we'll see them soon.
  4. somone on youtube posted a video of Mofo from the soundcheck from 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I would say that this is it?

  6. Thank you Tim !!!

    It is rare .... where is it from ? someone know ?
  7. From @U2:

    At the start of the third leg, U2 began varying their setlists considerably. Fast Cars, Discotheque, and In A Little While appeared live, and reports came from Toronto that the band had also been soundchecking Mofo. Further reports stated that Lemon (which, as mentioned, may have been worked on prior to the first leg) and Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car were also being rehearsed. Bono went and upped excitement amongst setlist watchers when he snippeted the latter at the end of The Fly on 20 September 2005, an indicator that the song was on his mind. A fan in New York in October then reported that Bono responded to a query about Mofo with "it's coming, it's coming!", but as it failed to appear, skepticism mounted until a newspaper report confirmed that both Mofo and an unknown bluesy song were soundchecked in Atlanta on 19 November 2005. Also soundchecked during the third leg of the tour, primarily in October, was The Wanderer: it was ultimately performed for TV during the soundcheck for the 2 November 2005 Los Angeles concert, but it did not appear at any Vertigo Tour concert. Claims that The Unforgettable Fire was rehearsed at Los Angeles were completely false.
  8. s0o0 this means that the bootleg must be floating around somwhere????????? It sounds like an IEM!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Moooooooooofo!
  10. That IEM Mofo is from the Atlanta soundcheck, I believe.
  11. This sounds F*cking briljant !!!