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  1. But did he nearly knock Bono's head off?
  2. Haha, I don't think so. No video footage, only the bootleg to go by.
  3. Same in Madrid 87, first concert in Spain. It took place at the famous Santiago Bernabéu stadium (a football temple, or so they say )... Bono kicked off the concert by kicking a football while the Streets intro was reaching the crescendo.
  4. Nice!!!! AAaaaah THAT solo in MW... I miss it
  5. today´s version is terrible, this song rocks so much more with the solo
  6. man, PopMart was something else.

    i miss it so much and i wasn't even there.
  7. why people think that Popmart was a failure? I don't know much about the story behind the tour, is it a number issue?