1. Everyone is going back on tour but U2
  2. It’s just a fact of life now. The options are tour with Covid in play, or never tour again.
  3. So basically still living in fear the rest of your life.
  4. They just announced an extra concert at the Waldbühne in Berlin!

    Does anyone know the ticket price?
  5. Getting tickets for that is gonna be freaking impossible.

  6. I see a lot of people complaining about Bern not being rescheduled and now this announcement. It's certainly hard to understand.
  7. They tried to reschedule Bern for the beginning of August, but the stadium wasn't free. They tried to relocate close to Bern then but it simply didin't work out.

    The Bern and Berlin shows are separate events, besides that the Rolling Stones crew might have contracts that are valid the first week of August, too,in case shows have to be rescheduled. And since in none of the major cities that they are playing until the end of July stadiums will be available due to other bookings and the starting football season, the decided to play a final (?) show in a beautiful location to finish it all off.