1. Do you think it make sense to tape only 5 minutes from a concert?
  2. Maybe you only like Paint It Black
  3. Happy 60th birthday to the Rolling Stones!

  4. Say what you want, but it is truly incredible Mick & Keith are still going.
  5. Absolutely, it’s pretty impressive. Mick is a freak of nature to be performing at that level at nearly 80. Same with Paul McC.

    Had tickets for the 2020 show in Cleveland, but it got cancelled for the 2021 reschedule. I was considering taking my son to the Detroit show last November for his first concert, but my wife wouldn’t allow it. Hopefully I can make U2 his first concert in 2023!
  6. Where can I find your complete Recorcing of the Rolling Stones Amsterdam show?
  7. It wouldn't be in the vault then.

    With how Stones iem recordings are immediately bootlegged and sold, it makes sense to hold them back.