1. For those Stones fans that live internationally those El Macambo shows are legendary here in Canada.

    A backstory here:

  2. Rehearsals in Amsterdam it seems.

    @one8ung do you have a scanner? Go and tape it?
  3. If you can send me a PM when they move around here for further rehearsals and dress rehearsal it'll be much appreciated I live nearby the stadium and I'd love to hang around.
  4. Zero reception outside the ziggo dome.
  5. The Stones just landed in Madrid for the final rehearsals and the kick off of the tour next Wednesday They flew over my area a couple of minutes ago. I'm totally psyched for this! Planning to drop by the stadium tomorrow and Monday to (hopefully) hear or catch a glimpse.

  6. Also, the stage is already built at Wanda stadium. Seems to be a pretty standard stage so far, we'll see what they come up with.

  7. Underwhelming stage