1. Looks like some one got hold on a pair of NJ2 Lucky Dips just a couple of hours ago...

    Just keep on trying...

  2. Originally posted by BigGiRL:Still, people were able to buy Lucky Dips just yesterday... See here for more info: https://iorr.org/talk/read.php?1,2601409

    And New Orleans still has to go on sale...don't give up so fast my friend

    "Tickets for New Orleans will go on general sale Friday May 31, at 10am (local time). The pre-sale for the Rolling Stones mailing list will run from 10am on Wednesday May 29 to 10pm on Thursday May 30 (local time)."
    Thank you for replying - I can see you are genuinely trying to be helpful. However, barring a full-blown miracle, I am most probably not going.

    I was aware of the New Orleans date; however, since I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, it’s not an especially enticing option. I am already upset about the cost of even the bad tickets - so even if I got the cheap lucky dip tickets for New Orleans, I would still need to buy a plane ticket, reserve a hotel room, possibly rent a car, eat out for all my meals, etc., etc. Getting the cheap concert ticket still requires an outlay of literally hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars overall.

    I just looked again at the Philadelphia and Meadowlands dates - there is no lucky dip option anywhere. I’m glad someone somewhere was able to score one recently, but not for these three shows.
    However, Ticketmaster is more that happy to let me have a ticket in the front pit if I let them charge me literally over $1000 a piece. I wouldn’t even see U2 for that much money.

    I’ll just have to wish them well from afar. Thanks for trying to help.
  3. Where the hell are they finding these?

    I can’t find a lucky dip option anywhere...
  4. Have you already looked at the stones website? Normally you can find an option there
  5. Yes, I went to the Stones site first to use their direct links.

    Thank you to both of you for trying to help, but it’s looking like you have to spend hours on the computer in the vague hope that something might pop up eventually. If the effort is going to be this tedious and random, I’ll just check in there from time to time. If I get them, I get them - if I don’t, I don’t. I’m just not paying the ludicrous face value price if I end up going.

    Thanks again!