1. This is a bonus track to Strangeland. Absolutely incredible song. I cannot stop listening. If this is the quality of their bonus tracks I think this Keane album will be one of their best.
  2. Actually just designed a poster for his North American tour, entered it in a contest for him to choose. Poster looks like this:

  3. ^ that's a sweet poster man!

    just had my first listen to their new stuff; absolutely great so far.
  4. For "his" American tour? Keane are a band man

    Nevertheless, great poster!

  5. I know this, I have Keane's albums.

    I wrote that at 7AM, Kieran. It's already been a long day. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh
  6. Now listening to the new album, has been a while since the last one. Will give it some more listens the following days before I judge
  7. Keane is playing a free show in Madrid next May 17th in a 200 people venue I'll see if I can get some invitations.
  8. After quite some listens I really love the album, songs like Silenced by the night, Disconnected & Black rain really get stuck in your head. Love it!
  9. why the song strangeland didn't make the cut on the final tracklisting is beyond me!! absolutely beautiful song
  10. I've been intensely listening to 'Strangeland' last few days and it's ok, but I expected more after hearing 'Silenced by the night' few weeks ago.
  11. Anyone listening to the new album? Only a few tracks in but I like it so far!
  12. Not heard the album in full yet, but shall be this evening. Have tickets to see them here in London next weekend.