1. I saw them two weeks ago in Zurich (don't know why they didn't come to Italy this time) and let me say that it was an AMAZING show. I think they should play even more new songs because they sound great. They're in top form (played 24 songs, 2-hours show, it really didn't seem that long). Tom's voice was great even in the last song and the other three were really good too. I hope to see them again soon... in Italy!
  2. I love this band. Love the new album as well! It's unlikely they will ever return to Ohio again, but I have seen them before and they are truly amazing live. His voice is flawless!
  3. I really do love them too. They have grown so much on me over the last year, when I first listened to "Hopes And Fears", and now I really like pretty much every song they put out. I think they're one of the most underrated bands ever
  4. KEANE is AMAZING! Great album but very underrated actually :'(
  5. Saw them in London last year, was my favourite show of 2019.
  6. They have always been a great band. I was fortunate enough to meet Tim from the band at a festival in 2013 we chatted for a while, very down to earth. Glad to have them back too.