1. I believe I included that in my suggestion for the topic but I guess it didn't make the cut.

    That would have been my choice as well.

    To each his/her own, however.
  2. I'd like to but my parents/(girl)friend wouldn't let me
    (kidding of course hehe)

    these are the only ones i had ever been thinking of ages ago ..

  3. I'm planning to get mine in some weeks...basically it's two of the ATYCLB symbols.
  4. I don't like tattoos of any type personally. Like Matt said to each their own.
  5. Made an appointment today for my first tattoo ever. I will have 'You can dream, so dream out loud' next week on my back!
  6. Maybe this one:
  7. I have two U2 related tattoos. A third one is on its way after January. Each to their own
  8. @MacStripey Do you have a picture?
  9. So, today I went to the tattoo shop, I had an oppointment. Now, I have on my back:

    You can dream
    So dream out loud
  10. The pic doesn't show up man! I wan't to see that so badly!!!