1. What does the morse code say?
  2. Originally posted by flowerchild:[image]
    well, my tattoo is two weeks old now! healing process is coming along nicely. the tattoo is still in its "shiny" stage with some light discolouration going on beneath, but I suppose it's good enough for a picture

    the morse code concept stuck with me since that one time we saw edge wear a beanie with some mysterious morse code on the side (some time prior to the nloth release, I believe). originally, I wanted the tattoo to say: u2, bono, edge, adam, larry, one love. but that would've have been quite a few lines, so I changed it to something shorter... and added bono's handwriting from the "one" lyrics instead. personally, I love the purple part the most! might do some touch ups on the blue part on the far right, though, as it's a little too light/blurry for my taste, but all in all, I'm very proud of it
    Lovely stuff Jana It's one to be proud of, for sure!

    As Glenn asks, what does the new morse code say?
  3. it says B E A L U 2
  4. Sweet
  5. -double-
  6. My U2 (tattoo) pilgrimage has officially been completed last week at Killiney Beach

  7. So today it is exactly one year ago since I had this done in Dublin. Inbetween the four U2 shows at The Point. After 30 shows in 10 years by that time, it has all it needs to say. The best part of my life.
    Now, a year after that, the travelling across countries for shows seems faraway and the dreaming is over, but my best way of dreaming out loud it was for sure. Thank you, U2, forever yours
  8. next u2 related tattoo coming up in one week... haven't seen the final design yet, but it'll incorporate lyrics from bad chose this artist to do it...