1. Never mind I was looking at the wrong arm
  2. I'm planning on getting a tattoo on my finger this saturday, like this:
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    But I have Paronychia on that finger, is it safe/possible to get a tattoo on that finger? Or should I wait?
  3. Wait
  4. I maybe want to get a U2 tattoo on my hand, you guys have any ideas what to get?
  5. Hi Tim it should have a special meaning for you personally, as it's gonna be there for the rest of your life. You may chose something that stands for everything U2 means for you
  6. We all have 4 knuckles per hand
    So you can write as many words have 4 letters
    And so on
    Personally i have BREW tattooed on my hand
    ....and other stuff
  7. Being you, I'd go for this. And I'm not joking (for once). I'd ever consider this for myself and you know how much I dislike the album itself

  8. A blurry mess in 10 years, or even less
  9. On the middle finger