1. Hello everybody!
    Matt here

    Last year right around this time, Sergio and myself held the 1st Annual U2Start Awards. The idea behind them was to recognize some of this site's popular (or unpopular ) boarders, and also let newcomers in on the fun behind the forums.

    We would like to open this topic to encourage conversation about this year's "awards voting and ceremony"! If we held the exact same awards that we did last year, the same people would probably win and that's no fun. At the same time, some of the categories are sort of essential and fun to vote for, so some of them will stick around.

    Please suggest categories for the awards!!! That is part of what this thread is all about! Sergio and I will be taking your ideas into consideration and release a master list of categories when voting opens.


    Prom King
    The male boarder who is the all-around king of U2Start!

    Prom Queen
    The female boarder who is the all-around queen of U2Start!

    WTF Poster
    ...Wait....what did that person just say?!

    Most Consistent High-Quality Poster
    Who here on the forums has the best ratio of GOOD posts : ACTUAL posts?

    Best taste in music
    Which boarder demonstrates the best-spanning taste of music?

    Most questionable taste in music
    Which boarder makes you shake your head when you read what they're listening to?

    Newcomer of the year
    Who has appeared since our last round of U2Start Awards that you most enjoy seeing around the forums?

    Funniest poster
    Who makes you laugh?

    Lifetime achievement award
    Which boarder (who has been here for years upon years) seems to have achieved the most here at U2Start?

    Best avatar
    Self explanatory

    Username you don't understand
    Some are easy to get...but others leave you guessing!

    Best thread
    Where do you go the minute you log in?

    The Bob Award
    Does vinyl really sound better than digital music? Does it? Really? An award for classic boarders.

    Village Drunk
    Who dominates The Drunk Thread?

    The Positivity Award
    Finally, who always has a smile on their face?
  2. A few ideas I've rounded up from friends and other forums....

    The Einstein Award: One for a member who seems to genuinely know all

    Cutest Boarder: This could get dangerous

    The Bob Award: In honor of a long-lost friend (bobplaysthedrums), this award should go to a boarder that....well...you know what? You guys decide what it means for yourself. It can be mysterious.

    Also, a couple things I forgot to mention

    -We should seriously consider doing nominations this year to make voting easier. Some people didn't vote for certain categories last year simply because there were so many names to choose from out of the blue. You could PM any nomination for any category to myself or Sergio. We would take the 5 or so most-suggested names for the category and list them on the voting ballot. You could nominate as many people as you'd like, probably? That can be discussed.

    -Voting and nominations would always be kept completely anonymous. Its up to you to reveal who you voted for, if you choose to do so. All voting is done via PM, and PM only.
  3. How about "Village Drunk" and "Most Likely To Be The Edge"?
  4. I love The Bob Award. <3
  5. Yes!
  6. Most likely to secretly be Larry Mullen?
  7. The only gay in the village award

  8. This could get interesting. Looking forward to learning some things about y'all...
  9. Originally posted by EyesWithPrideB3:In order to keep the winners fresh, certain users will be ineligible for certain categories. For example, Macstripey won Prom Queen last year, so - we should probably keep the category, she just wouldn't be eligible since she already has the 2012 Title!

    I think we should allow members to win consecutive titles, personally.
  10. A fair point up for debate