1. Every month we put an U2 fan in the spotlights, the fan of the month March of 2013 is user Genaro92U2. Read along for the interview we had this this U2 fan.

    Tell us something about yourself, who are you and what do you do for a living?
    Hi, my name’s Genaro, I live in a small city right next to Pasadena, California. I’m currently at community college studying Business Administration and Accounting and hoping to transfer and shoot for a BA degree. Right now I still live at home, but I’m currently looking for work so if any of you know of any job openings I’m your man!

    How did you become a fan of U2, tell us how it happened?
    I’m twenty now, and as I think about it I’ve known/loved U2 for almost half my life already! I first got semi-into U2 when around the Bomb era, more specifically when I saw them perform at the Grammys with Mary J. Blige, circa early 2006. And combine that with the “Original of the Species” iPod ad with them performing I become incredibly intrigued by this band that had just won a 8 (!) Grammys two years in a row, beating the bands I loved in their categories such as The Killers, Coldplay and the Rolling Stones. I needed to find out why this band was so acclaimed. Which is funny because now I know that awards aren’t everything LOL Also I had heard Vertigo on the radio beforehand in 2004 and semi-liked it but once I bought Bomb and the Vertigo-Chicago DVD I became obsessed! And the rest history I guess.

    In your opinion, what has been U2's defining moment and why?
    I knew I was going to get asked this question, I still believe it’s a tie between the Live Aid performance and The Joshua Tree being so incredible and influential. My heartstrings are still pulled by Popmart-Sarajevo and the Super Bowl performance, but we wouldn’t have any of that if Live Aid hadn’t been incredible and The Joshua Tree hadn’t been so well received.

    In your age group, what do your friends think of U2? Do they find you’re old-fashioned?
    I have literally four friends that I classify as ‘casual’ fans, and about two whom I consider ‘hardcore’ fans like us. Most of my listen to crap music but thankfully they approve taste in music. So whenever we go out on a road trip, beach trip or any kind of drive they usually ask me provide the mix cd’s and playlists and get us to pumped for an adventure. I play music from just about every genre, and don’t hesitate to put in a good U2 song, remix or live performance that flows well in-context with various artists. So I think over the years everyone I know is starting to secretly get into U2 because of how I throw in “Even Better than the Real Thing” from U22 or the album version of “No Line on the Horizon” in just the right spot where no one really gets overwhelmed because I’m throwing U2 in their face all the time. Which by the way I think is where most people mess up when trying to get somebody else into a specific band they love, they simply over do it. I think if the next album is any good then we’ll get a few more members on here for the next U2 era!

    If you could go back in time, which U2-era would you like to be in, and why?
    Just one era? I would normally would say Zoo TV, but since I was at Anaheim 2 I witnessed half of Achtung performed live so I would say maybe a show from the LoveTown tour, maybe the final show of that tour or the Dublin gig where Bono gives his, “dream it all up again” speech. Not that 360 was close to ZooTV but I would love to see a show pre-Achtung because the energy would be so different. Tough call though my response might change depending on which U2 album/era I’m digging at the time.

    You seem to like guitar playing, which U2 song do you like the most from a guitar-playing perspective?
    I love “The Fly” and I enjoy playing my decent version of it to people because to me it’s not actually a difficult song to me but it just sounds so perfect and girls get really impressed by that song! HAHA. But I love the songs where Edge is really stretching himself, “Love is Blindness”, “Please” and “Hawkmoon” comes to mind as my clear favorites along with “The Fly.” Any song where Edge doesn’t sound like “stereotypical Edge” is when I really seem to enjoy his work most.

    What is your favorite U2 bootleg, and why? Do you often listen to bootlegs?
    I know everybody says this but it changes fairly frequently. Some bootlegs I loved when I first got into listening to bootlegs don’t have the same kick as they once did. And vice versa shows that I always kept for two or three particular song performances suddenly have different songs I love from it. An example of this is May 22nd 1992 Milan, I’ve always kept it because I loved it intensely for a certain part of my life for the sing alongs by the audience, but fairly recently I just got into listening how into it Bono in particular songs, he’s not resting on his laurels because the audience is singing louder than him.

    What do you think of Bono's charity works?
    I don’t mind it as a whole, but it does frustrate me when I know he’s not working on a new album and committing to a new branch of charity or hotel restoration instead. I think what he does is great, and I admire the fact that he doesn’t care what people think of a rock star helping out the poor. But what does bother me is how this dark cloud of hate by some of the public hates U2 because of Bono’s charity work. Hating the music is fine, not everybody’s going to like the same song anyway, but hating him for doing charity work just sounds like a fallacy to me. It does seem like the band and Bono in particular don’t do anything in regards of not making themselves look so bad. I don’t know why that is, maybe it’s just me, but I secretly wish Bono wasn’t so up front about his charity work like other celebrities. I wish Bono got the same amount of accomplishments done without becoming synonymous with “pompous asshole” by the public. As a fan it annoys me when somebody tells me that Bono’s self-righteous or that U2 are tax evaders and in gets exhausting having to defend them time and time again. But I know deep down that what he’s doing is right and making the world a better place so I can’t really stay too mad for long.

    How different is U2 compared to other artists that you like?
    On the surface, probably really different than most other artists and genres I listen to. Some of my favorite artists include Coldplay, Bob Dylan, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, and other rock/alternative music. Along with the dance genre trance, house glitch by artists such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Alesso and Flying Lotus. But I also am drawn electronic beat-driven jazz hop like Nujabes, atu and Emancipator. But what I look for and see in these artists is the same, I’m drawn to artists who aren’t afraid to try new things, which is why I love U2 in the first place.

    What are your hobbies and interests away from U2, musical or otherwise?
    Without sounding ridiculously boring I love to read a good book and watch TV shows all in marathon-fashion when I get the chance, mainly in the summer. Since I’m a full time student the only real down time I have I try to use to work out, I’ve lost about 15 pounds this year and want to focus on making myself a better person physically, emotionally and academically. Playing guitar and attempting to make electronic music is something I will always try and make as well. And chatting on U2start and talking to people from all around the world! I’ve met some incredible people on here, special shout out to Matt in Chicago, Sergio in Spain, Drew in Australia and Alex in Canada! And to you Remy I remember back in 2007 you gave me a rip of Vertigo closing a show in Milan in good quality and it seemed incredible to me how this site brings people together and still flourish all these years later under your guidance! Cheers y’all!

    Thanks for this interview Genaro92U2!

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  2. Sorry for my ranting guys! haha I loved getting interviewed though, it's an honor!
  3. Fantastic read, Genaro! It's been long overdue.
  4. Top guy, deserved and truly interesting interview. Gotta love the "secretly turning all my friends into U2 fans" part

    PS. Thanks for the mention
  5. Nice read! I had assumed you'd already been the FOTM!
  6. Thanks Tim! I meant to give you and Matt (RUMMY) a shout out too because I enjoy reading your guys comments on here!

    Sergio, YOU KNOW that's always my plan! The other day I saw Magnificent on my friends iPhone the other day, I don't mean to brag but my subliminal influence is working
  7. Great read Genaro

    I always thought you were Italian

  8. Thanks! haha, I WISH! My grandmother was Italian but my grandfather was Mexican, along with my parents. BUT my name is italian so you're kind of right

    I just noticed I've been a part of this website for 6 years! Can't believe how time flies!