1. No one had a bad word to say about him. Such a sad way to go for a popular lad. I wonder if Noel Gallagher ever reflects that his own best work was done by 1996?
  2. What did Noel say?

  3. Great gig isn’t it . Filmed perfectly , makes inxs look the biggest band in the world , great filming , crowds great . Just a top class gig
  4. It is absolutely awesome. Great gig. Great album. Seen them once in the beginning of the 90's in The Hague. Stood in front of the band. What a show. The documentary of MH is also brilliant. Saw it last week.
  5. The final straw was the involvement with Paula Yates , femme fatal the very definition. No winners in the end for anyone other than your ragtops and voyeuristic vultures in the media pack. Shame.
  6. -not allowed-
  7. INXS were and still are my second favourite band. The 'Mystify' documentary was so very sad - such a talent and wasted so young.

    Back in 1991 the first two gigs I went to with my (now) husband were both INXS and one of them was at Wembley - we were lucky enough to be there at 'Live Baby Live'
  8. Happy Birthday to MH on what would have been his 60th birthday
  9. That milestone failed to get any mention in his home town