1. We will gather with U2 fans around the world to listen again "live" to an amazing show. This time we will listen to one of U2's greatest promo shows that followed an album released and preceded a tour, the show U2 did in Irving Plaza, NY in 2000. This show will be broadcasted on Sunday August 4, 2013. The broadcast will start at 17:00 PM GMT time on this page, which equals to:

    - 12:00 PM US Central Time
    - 01:00 PM US East Coast
    - 18:00 London time (UK/Portugal)
    - 19:00 Central European Time (Netherlands/France/Spain/Italy/Germany)
    - 22:00 Moscow
    - 04:00 Sydney

    What U2start live show is all about and how it works can you read here:

    A twitter feed, U2start LiveTopics and a live audio stream will be present. We hope you will participate, mark it in your agenda already to make sure you will be there
  2. This might be just the thing to get me back into listening to U2 again!
  3. Got this show on Dvd and silverdisc Cd.....this was the beginning of a New era for U2...
  4. grrrrrrrrrreat show "wont get fooled again "amazing solo by the edge
  5. OK
  6. Just 8 days left, very much looking forward to it
  7. Edge really kicks ass on the Who cover...
  8. A nice little show. Will the stream play via an ipad?
  9. i had completely forgotten about this show, a great choice!
  10. In just 2 hours and 45 mins, we'll kick off
  11. Just one hour left, will anyone else besides me join in this holiday period?