1. Originally posted by kharbouch:I listen to Larry's work on Cooper's album I think that ultimately his drumming skills are not exploited with U2! he's the best
    A lot of his drumming with U2 is buried in the mix with so much over dubs and producers adding their own effects ,maybe he was getting frustrated with it and needed another outlet.
  2. Originally posted by popmarter:[..]
    A lot of his drumming with U2 is buried in the mix with so much over dubs and producers adding their own effects ,maybe he was getting frustrated with it and needed another outlet.
    his work on Cooper's album is just awesome !
  3. After 7 seconds I expect to hear the words....... So you never knew love, Until you crossed the line of grace
  4. New album next February. Can't wait, there's always a few gems on every album. Hopefully the rest of the album is closer to Paranormal than what the first single (cover of Lou Reed's Rock and Roll) is ... ick.
  5. “When we put the record together, we said, ‘Let’s do something unique that no one would expect.’ Well, Larry Mullen Jr. from U2 on drums was really a great idea only because he doesn’t play drums like your normal rock drummer. He’ll go to a hi-hat/tom-tom, rather than a hi-hat/snare, and it changes the whole bottom of the record. Even though it rocks as hard as anything, but it sounds differently. It just has a different sound to it. And I’ve never had a drummer ever come to me and say, ‘Let me see the lyrics.’ I went, ‘What?! Why would a drummer want to see any of the lyrics?’ He said, ‘That’s how I interpret U2’s songs. I listen to the lyrics first, and then I write the drum parts.’ And I just went, ‘This is going to be great! A guy that actually cares about the lyrics!’”

    Alice Cooper
  6. Is Larry on Alice Coopers new album ? Sure I read that
  7. I don't think people my age, (born 1975) realise just how bad ass Alice Cooper was in the 1970's and how he galvanised so many misfits from rock, metal, punk, etc.
  8. Plenty of press for this album happening right now
  9. He's on the following tracks (9 out of 12)

    1. Paranormal
    2. Dead Flies
    3. Fireball
    4. Paranoiac Personality
    5. Fallen In Love
    6. Dynamite Road
    7. Private Public Breakdown
    8. Holy Water
    10. The Sound Of A

    His songs in the 1970s (lest we forget Dennis Dunnaway, Neal Smith, Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce - the original other 4) are some of the finest rock and roll there is/was - check out the first two albums (Pretties For You and Easy Action - these are so different to the next five albums that came in 1971 to 1973).

    A small start:

    - Changing Arranging
    - Fields Of Regret
    - Lay Down And Die, Goodbye
    - Beautiful Flyaway
    - Caught In A Dream
    - Black JuJu
    - Halo Of Flies
    - Desperado
    - Gutter Cat Versus The Jets
    - Public Animal #9
    - Unfinished Sweet
    - Sick Things
    - Crazy Little Child
    - Man With The Golden Gun

    And as for the new album - I really enjoyed Paranormal - but it seems since 2008 with Along Came A Spider, the songs have been getting less interesting (unfortunately). Along Came A Spider seems like Alice is guesting on it and Welcome 2 My Nightmare had about 4 or 5 passable songs (one being a bonus track!), Breadcrumbs had 2 or 3 good covers on it (why Detroit City re-record, the original was great) and then from the two singles here so far - ick. Not good.

    I really hope these two singles so far are not an indication of what the new album is going to be like. I guess that the best part here is that it comes with a bonus film of the live show in Paris, including:

    1. Brutal Planet
    2. No More Mr. Nice Guy
    3. Under My Wheels
    4. Department Of Youth
    5. Pain
    6. Billion Dollar Babies
    7. The World Needs Guts
    8. Woman Of Mass Distraction
    9. Poison
    10. Halo Of Flies
    11. Feed My Frankenstein
    12. Cold Ethyl
    13. Only Women Bleed
    14. Paranoiac Personality
    15. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
    16. Killer / I Love The Dead
    17. I'm Eighteen
    18. School's Out