1. I am new to this site so excuse my noob questions.
    I have an audience recording of the 1982 Mar 13 Louisville Gardens show.
    It's not the greatest quality but I have never seen any other recording of this show.
    I was at the show and my firend recorded it with a handheld recorder from right in front of the stage.
    I got a copy from him that night. Thirty years later I recorded it to wav and converted to flac.
    Lucky the tape still played after all these years!
    My question is: What is the best way for me to share this?
    I have a FLAC of the complete set so it's pretty large.
  2. zippyshare, mediafire, wetransfer, dropbox, putlocker, file factory.

    just don't let anyone convince you to use that craphole mega, please.
  3. That would be amazing Shawn, thanks for your contribution. You can send it to me via www.wetransfer.com, just send it to remy [at] u2start.com and I'll make sure it gets verified and put online on the website
  4. That's great news Shawn, makes me wonder what else is out there!
  5. might as well just put a wetransfer link on here no point in doing things twice
  6. There is also the option to do a torrent .

  7. Wetransfer times out really soon
  8. ?
  9. Ade, I think I may have 5 or possibly 6 gigs from 1980 - 1982 that U2start doesnt have. Stangely, I am sure I downloaded them from here in the past! I will investigate!
  10. Thanks for the suggestions.
    i created an account on mediafire.
    Here's the link to the U2Live1982Mar13.flac:
    This is audience recording by Keenan Lawler -> cassette dup -> 44.1k/16 wav (by me, Shawn McMurdo) -> flac.
    It is one file of the complete set.
    I'm sure if someone has time and tools it could be remastered to reduce some of the audience noise and broken up into songs.
    We were excited, especially when Bono was crowd surfing on us and someone tried to take his leather jacket.
    Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this show.
    I sure did! We left after U2 played and before J Geils Band came on. The show was over. :-)

    Added bonuses if anyone is interested:

    Audience recording I made at Lexington Memorial Hall.

    West Aftican High Life band popular at the University of illinois in the mid 80s.

  11. thanks shawn, nice to see another 'old' fan on here there are so few of us about and thanks for using mediafire whic EVERYONE can use