1. Originally posted by deanallison:Just been listening to this one and realising (again) what a great song it is. I don't know if it's because as mentioned above it never made an album but I don't tend to listen to it much but when I do it takes me back to when it first came out and how excited I was about hearing new u2 material for the first time in a while and how it exceeded my expectations. Probably one of my top 10 u2 songs since Zooropa.
    I love this. And hearing about how the original lyrics were about travelling to London to perform for the first time and what it means to the band makes me love it more.
  2. Could have made a great single if they marketed it. A lot of radio time coupled with playing it on the tour could have seen it do well. But then it isn't on the album. All a bit of a clusterfuck. A shame as it should have been their best single since Vertigo and COBL.
  3. Would have been perfect on SOE.

  4. Chances are this was already posted, but I watched it again just now and am blown away again by the power of this fantastic song.
  5. Wouw...I never saw this! I'm a big Invisible fan

    And wouw...to see Bono with guitar in this is just so fab
  6. Some great lyrics in this imo. (Not the "no them, only us")

  7. Yeah, that part has lost its shine with all those snippets, huh?
    I agree, the lyrics are great and you can relate to them.