1. Might struggle with numbers with U2 being on tour and it being summer. But if you want to organise it, Tim, I'd take part when I can.
  2. Are we going to revive this exercise in futility again?
  3. You love it really.
  4. I'm up for this
  5. me too
  6. Lorde, Ani Di Franco, The Strypes, Royal Blood, Little Steven all new releases
  7. Well, since I've done the last 2 or 3, anyone feel free to step up!
  8. Originally posted by MattG:Welcome to U2Start's "Album of the Week" thread. Here, we will have one album a week chosen by a member of our community that will be listened to and reviewed over the course of the week by the entire participating fan community.

    To begin, I would like to solicit the help of several other members that would like to help me moderate this thread. Three of us should be good, so please list if you would be willing to help. A moderator will be in charge of checking his/her PMs for the upcoming week's album and posting in the thread weekly to alert followers of our upcoming albums.

    How the process works:

    Please make a post if you are willing to contribute to the thread. All you need to say is "I'm in" or something similar. I will compile all of your names and, using a random generator, create a list that we will use for order of selection. It will be a complete lottery system. If there are quarrels with this, voice them.

    The schedule (list of user names) will be available to everybody on this first post once it has been determined. I will continue to update it.

    The listening period will be Sunday thru Sunday. Let me outline what a typical week in the thread will look like:

    Sunday: Listening period begins
    Monday: Reviews/discussions
    Tuesday: Reviews/discussions
    Wednesday: Next week's album announced
    Thursday: Reviews/discussions
    Friday: Reviews/discussions
    Saturday: Reviews/discussions ending
    Sunday: Next listening period begins

    If you are on the schedule for the FOLLOWING week, the moderators of this thread will need your album suggestion by Tuesday evening of the week beforehand. Announcing the album ahead of time gives people the opportunity to acquire it or prepare themselves for it.

    No band may be chosen more than once every 5 albums.

    If you are not actively participating through other peoples' choices, your name will be bumped a slot down per week until you begin participating. You have to play along with others to get your album in the mix!

    Please comment with suggestions for the thread/process. This shouldn't be too difficult to maintain. I will reserve the post below this just for listing purposes. It will be easier to find schedules and lists in the top posts of the thread, and I'd like to save this one for the rules.

    We can get started next week as long as we get everything figured out/enough people to contribute! Don't forget to let me know if you are in! I will compile a lottery list as soon as I can.
  9. I guess this thread is already going in the direction it went last time...

    Should I even exert the energy to go first and try to kickstart this again?
  10. Originally posted by blueeyedboy:I guess this thread is already going in the direction it went last time...

    Should I even exert the energy to go first and try to kickstart this again?
    go ahead