1. Every month we have a show in the spotlights, the show of this month took place on 1981-12-13 in Lido Beach, New York. You can download this show, read reviews or write your own review on the shows page here. In this thread you can discuss this show!

    U2start liveshow on Sunday 21 September 2014 17:00 PM GMT/UTC
    We have broadcasted this show as part of U2start liveshow on September 21.
    If you want to listen again to our stream, just click on this link:
    Skip to minute 12, because that's when the show started. Enjoy!

    "Holy Cow for an early recording this bootleg sounds so good! really good!"

    1981-12-13 - Lido Beach, New York - Malibu Night Club

    Another Time, Another Place
    I Threw A Brick Through A Window
    With A Shout
    The Cry
    The Electric Co. / Send In The Clowns (snippet)
    I Fall Down
    I Will Follow
    An Cat Dubh
    Into The Heart
    Out Of Control

    11 O'Clock Tick Tock
    The Ocean

    Comments on this show
    We don't usually pick a show from this early in the 80s as a show of the month, but we are happy to make an exception for this amazing show in Lido Beach, New York from 1981. A show that lasted an hour and was broadcasted on a local radio station, for us to listen to more than 30 years later. The highlight is Rejoice. 7 fan reviews were posted for this show and the average overall rating is 5 out 5. Need to say more?

    We encourage you to listen to this show this month and write your own review, the more, the better. Enjoy!

  2. Would it be possible to get a torrent?
  3. I listened to it in the gym today. It gives you a great energy boost when you hit the treadmill
  4. One of my all time favs! One of the best pre-83 bootlegs available both in terms of energy and sound quality. If you don't have it yet... Get it. NOW.
  5. We will celebrate the new release of U2start with a broadcast of the one-hour bootleg of the Lido Beach show, on 21 Sept See the opening post for timings.
  6. That's great
  7. Best performance of "Another Time, Another Place" imo. Really great show!
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  9. Cheers, fixed.

    Also updated the local timings as they were incorrect (again for Moscow, sorry!). Now they all are correct.
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  11. Listing all local times now by default in the live show header, until we are live