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    My interpretation of that line, "It was not me", he felt guilty that he was a pain in the arse when he was young and somehow drove her to death. Maybe he is coming to terms with it now, and trying to free his soul of the guilt??

    Aah yes that makes sense!
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  3. Wasn't on the album credits so my guess is will the acoustic version to be released on the deluxe edition .
  4. Originally posted by ahn1991:Second masterpiece of the album (following track order). As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really like the vocal harmonies in the mid section of the track. It brings the vocals and therefore the lyrics to the forefront of your attention, which I think is appropriate considering that this song is about Bono's mother, Iris. The track is incredibly uplifting and energetic, which is in contrast to SYCMIOYO, the song dedicated to Bono's father. Personally, I'm really glad Bono completed the set of songs dedicated to his parents with this. I'm sure you can look at the two songs and maybe get a look into how Bono see's his parents, but that's a topic for some other time.

    I Totally agree on this one!!!! And i especially like Adam on the Bass in this song!!!! Another very very great song!!!!
  5. Originally posted by BelgianBono:Bart didn't know who Iris was ?! Someone please take away his U2-fancard.

    I don't get it : Edge sings a happy oeh-oeh-oeh while Bono sings a sad Iriiiisss. That's messed up. There are sad and happy parts overall in there. Musically and lyrically. But then again, that's also the way you remember someone you've lost...

    That's it. This song is all about the bittersweetness of rememering a beloved lost one. Sad lyrics, happy music, sad music, happy lyrics all mixed up. Bittersweet.
  6. Bittersweet is the word indeed. You know, many U2 songs aren't that obvious and accessible imo. So they need some listenings to really understand and appreciate them.
  7. Iris is a lovely song but I still love I will follow and I hope it still stays in the set.. walk away walk away, I will follow, yep follow me.....

  8. Same. I picture it like he's talking to her one on one after all of these years, and it's just this weird situation where she's been gone for so long, and he's obviously transformed so much since they last saw each other that it's almost like they're strangers.

  9. First time i listened to the album in my car i saw this on my player:
    (wordplay ?? )

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