1. So much of a crime is it that this song (even an earlier version of it) was left off of NLOTH? It should have been the first single from that album and would have made a difference in terms of how that album fared commercially and critically.
  2. I just don't think they had it anywhere near completion, even as they were playing it to a live audience. They had the NLOTH recording and a further 18 months after it's release to come up with something and what we heard was at the time ok, but nowhere near the level of this version.
  3. It turned out to be a real beauty of a song. Really powerfull and fresh!

    ...although it's a little bewildering that they let the first few chords/ seconds sound so WOWY-ish...surely they must have noticed that fact themselves?
    I imagine the discussion in the studio to have been something like this:
    - "hey guys, doesn't that sound like wowy to you?
    - "nah, nobody will notice...
    - "won't they?
    - "well maybe subconsciously, but that's a good thing
    - "ah, I can see where you are heading there.... clever thinking!
    - "shall we leave it in then?
    - "yeah let's; it's Innocent...

  4. Dude, yes! "If yoou goooo!"

    I can hear Brandon belting that one out. Very Killers-esque!!!
  5. Ok this is the only song I actually love.
    It's just really 100% U2. The music and vocals are so full of mixed emotions. It's hopeful, sad, desperate, melancholic, frustrated,... at the same time. So yes, it's a modern WOWY. But that's a good thing imo. Congrats for a settled billionaire to write this.
  6. The line "In summer I was fearless" just sounds incomplete. Anyone else feel that??

  7. I thought it was "Summer I was feeling stence" instead of "Summer left me fearless"
  8. Weakest song on album for me.
    I like it but a bit too much with or without you intro and I keep expecting it to burst into 'walk on' half way through.
  9. So far i think EBW is going to be a huge hit. It looks like a monster
  10. Listened to the early EBW live version on the 'I can't wait any longer' EP today, it's sweet, but this new album version is SO much better!! Love the new chorus, brilliant and energetic song it has turned out to be.

    btw: LOL at Bono's comment at the end
    "Nobody has heard that before... , including the two of us! haha"

  11. Yes, it looks as if Bono's mumbling
  12. I think for the live version people listed it as "Somewhere else fearlessness" which is what it still sounds like to me