2. Yes No Line was their last masterpiece I stand by it. Everyone bashed it now complain where's the experimentation?

    Originally posted by LostSailor:I never understood all of the hate for SOE. It's a good album because of the sum of its parts IMHO. SOI is an album with more epic songs that don't fit well together in their original running order. I guess I am in the minority here as I also love NLOTH and think it's U2s last great album and a mini-masterpiece. For context, I have seen 34 shows beginning with Zoo TV. There is no album in U2s catalogue that even comes close to Achtung Baby and The Joshua Tree in terms of sheer EPIC GREATNESS. Both of those albums are pure ART that whose impact and power transcend music. Although HTDAAB has deep personal meaning for me since my Father passed away a year before its release and STYDMIOYO has elements of my story as well, and I had the privilege of talking with Bono about our Father's, HTDAAB is a bit flat for me overall. Mercy and Xanax and Wine should be on that record as well. I tend to listen to SOI and SOE way more than HTDAAB these days and although not close to perfect, the music is more adventurous and interesting to me than HTDAAB. The Vertigo tour was Phenomenal however. Thank you if you are still reading. Sorry if this turned into a bit of an unfocused rant.
  3. Masterpiece? Mwah.
  4. Originally posted by pleasegone:[..]
    I think you overestimate the impact of Funky Drummer. It was all over music from as far back as the mid 80's to late 90's, but to suggest Mysterious Ways is "built" around it is a bit much. I doubt it had anything to do with the lyrics or vocal arrangement.

    U2 didn't do it like Seal, George Michael, Stone Roses Or Madonna (Actually Lenny Kravitz) who all incorporated the actual sample in their songs around the time of AB. But the Sick Puppy' demo has the exact same beat (albeit programmed by Edge)

    But I guess their hook was more the It's Allright thing, so fair to say that it wasn't built around it. Might have been an inspiration to them as (as you say) it was around so much late 80s early 90s
  5. Originally posted by melon51:@kris_smith87 & @Release3,

    Had a quick go at a Seque mix of Love Is All We Have Left into Streets and made them more 'vocal-centric' (studio versions)

    [YouTube Video]

    Feel free to not like it, but it gives you an idea

    WOW!! So good. Thanks for this! Man, would this have been cool. But yeah first time I head Love Is All We Have Left, I though to myself “well here’s the new segue into streets”

    Couldn’t have made a better mashup, this is perfect. Thanks for this
  6. Can't believe it's been 5 years already since the Black Friday 2017 SOE stream by that guy named Rob. I remember his commentary and excitement over LIBTAIIW. I recall where he passed away in July of 2021 from cancer. So sad and real how quickly time moves on.
  7. Was that the guy from the vinyl rip? Damn I listened tons to that leak before the actual release. Didn’t know he passed away…
  8. Wow, the other day I was writing about him in another thread. Still think about him every time I listen to the album. This is really sad to hear.
  9. Happy 5th Birthday SOE
  10. Forgettable album for me. Only love is bigger, and occasionally book of your heart gets a listen. American soul could have been great if they had a better chorus for the song.
  11. How many of us expected to go at least 5 years without another album?

  12. Damn time flies. 5 years already? Not my favorite album, but there's some good material on there. If could redo the tracking, my list would be this.