1. Originally posted by Unodostres123:I wouldn’t even consider songs of surrender if I was ranking albums. It’s not new material, I’d need to start including live releases and compilations as well if songs of surrender is in the mix. They’ve still got 14 studio albums as far as I’m concerned (13 + a hybrid really (R&H)). If I was ranking R&H the live tracks wouldn’t be taken into consideration.
    We can consider R&H a full album without the live tracks, considering we have 9 studio tracks.

    My rank would be:

    1. AB
    2. JT
    3. R&H
    4. War
    5. Zooropa
    6. ATYCLB
    7. SOI
    8. Pop
    9. TUF
    10. HTDAAB
    10. Boy
    11. October
    12. NLOTH
    13. SOE
  2. SOE is in my top 4
  3. SOE is at the bottom of my U2 list.
  4. About 10th for me, ahead of most of the 80’s albums which are half great and half filler tracks (JT and Boy being the exceptions). Ahead of NLOTH as well.
  5. the only songs I don't really like on this album are American Soul (TERRIBLE) and Landlady.... the rest is perfect to me