1. Kris: Sorry...my vinyl is a double album. Album #1 is Love is All We have Left to Little Things that Give You Away. Album #2 is Landlady to Lights of Home (St. Peter)
  2. Originally posted by JimmyMac91:Kris: Sorry...my vinyl is a double album. Album #1 is Love is All We have Left to Little Things that Give You Away. Album #2 is Landlady to Lights of Home (St. Peter)
    Ohhhhhh. Makes sense now!
  3. Still not getting the disliking of American Soul,not my fav on the album but a solid tune and this kicks ass live.Not particularly keen on its intro if im honest.
  4. Originally posted by JimmyMac91:My plan is to review all U2 albums for my own personal pleasure (and we are all a little crazy at this point, aren’t we?). This is what I came up with today, and I started with SOE.

    Love is All We Have Left - A great opener, very little music but powerful lyrics ****

    Lights of Home - Good song, chorus is the weakest part ***

    You’re the Best Thing About Me - Very Catchy, awesome hook *****

    Get Out of Your Own Way - The U2 sound, fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. Could be titled Beautiful Day II, and I’d be okay with it *****

    American Soul - Heavy Bass/Percussion line, song is okay but not as catchy as they want it to be. **

    Summer of Love - Love the guitar riff, “been thinking about the west coast” is a great lead in, into the chorus. ****

    Red Flag Day - Kinda “punky” guitar riff, great song, perfect hook, perfect chorus *****

    Showman (Little More Better) - Very nice acoustic riff, very “poppy”, you wanna sing the chorus at the top of your lungs. ****

    The Little Things That Give You Away - slower song, heavy bass and snare, chorus is the best part of the song, as is the bridge. The guitar in the background sounds like it belongs on Joshua Tree. Second half of the song gets strong. Should be called Sometimes. ***

    Landlady - Fairly pedestrian to start, and continues. Nothing really memorable. Not unlistenable but one of the weaker songs on the album. **

    The Blackout - Deepest bass line on the album, gets catchy at the chorus, but not a song I would ever put on repeat. ***

    Love is Bigger Than Anything in it’s Way - A U2 ballad, pretty good song but not worth putting on Album #2 just to get to listen to it. ***

    13 (There is a Light) - Slowest song on the album thus far, Verse #1 and #3 kinda boring, but two and four have a nice build up. Like this “is a songgggg, for someone” Ends fairly abruptly. **

    Ordinary Love (Extra Ordinary Mix) - Cute little almost dance song, are they trying to get played in the club? **

    Book of Your Heart - Beginning starts like a “Pop” beat, total filler *

    Lights of Home (St. Peter’s String Version) - Probably stronger than the regular version, but not enough to warrant it into four star territory. ***

    Overall Impression - Album #1 is vastly superior, to Abum #2. If you just played this 9 song Album, it would be one of the best U2 albums of all time. 35 stars divided by 9 songs would be 3.89 stars as an average but divided over 15 songs, you are looking at a 3.189 rating out of five stars.

    Book of your Heart a total filler ???One of the best songs on the album I would have that up there with GOYOW, Little things and Summer of love as the standout tracks .Blackout ,Showman ,RFD & American soul do nothing for me they sound like b- sides pretty forgettable, Lights of home is a definite grower edge does a great job on it and the beck remix really gives the song another dimension. 13 ,Best thing and Landlady and LIAWHL are listenable nothing earth shattering.Interestingly Dallas shoo mentioned in a recent interview they had 37 songs to choose from on this record hopefully they don't get left in the vaults and never heard .