1. I’m still loving the album, I like all the songs but my favourites have remained the same , Love is bigger, lights Of home, Little Things and landlady.
  2. The whole thing is still sticking with me. I haven’t been this into repeating the same U2 album, ever. GOOYOW is the only one that’s just kind of meh to me and that I wouldn’t listen to without just doing the whole record, but even then it’s not a bad song. I thought I was going through the honeymoon phase with SOE, but I’m not. I like it more now than in December, and that’s... pretty impressive.
  3. I dip in and out every few weeks...solid enough album. I have the Abbey Road gig playing quite often recently
  4. I like all the songs with the exception of AS which I skip every time
  5. I’ll listen to it solid for a few days then have some time off. Still love it
  6. Yep another great release,i love SOI too.13 is the only thing i cant get my head around,just dont like it very much.YTBTAM although i was aware of this before the rest of the album i find i'm loving more than ever.
  7. Didn't check it for a couple of weeks, last week I got into it once again.
    Every single day it works for me this way:

    a) Maybe I won't hear it all, so I'll just play a couple of songs:
    -Red Flag Day
    -The Showman

    b) Ok... maybe I'll go for it... from the top!
    -The whole album (inc. Book)

    c) mmh... actually, maybe I have the time to listen to it a bit more, so...
    -Red Flag Day
    -The Showman

    Not saying that RFD, Showman and LL are the best songs in the album for me, but they're certainly the ones I'm enjoying the most, no matter the mood I am.

    Songs like Little Things, Love is Bigger and Book are exhausting for me, I end up physically tired and agitated after listening to them. Other songs I need to be in the right mood to enjoy them.
    But those three are welcome every time.
  8. Not a song on it I don't love. I think AS is a highlight! I fucking love that guitar riff, and the chorus, (which is my favorite part of Volcano.) I think the whole album flows wonderfully and it's a spectacular piece of art. I put SOI and SOE in a playlist and love hitting shuffle and letting the two albums intermingle.
  9. Originally posted by deanallison:I’m still loving the album, I like all the songs but my favourites have remained the same , Love is bigger, lights Of home, Little Things and landlady.
    The same here. All the songs are great but the 4 you've mentioned are the best ones for me. I still prefer the demo of Little Things but that's another story.
  10. Just stumbled across this review of the album from mid-December, from a Christian site. As a Christian and as one who loves SOE, I'm in pretty much full agreement. One of the points the writer makes is classifying SOE as an "Advent" type of album, Advent being the season of waiting and preparation for the "light" to dawn at Christmastime in the midst of a dark and broken world. Given the lyrical themes and centrality of "light" imagery in many songs, I thought that was a cool insight.

    Great read: http://www.mbird.com/2017/12/a-conspiracy-of-hope-and-light-reviewing-in-u2s-songs-of-experience/