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South Carolina
4 years ago
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favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
"Getting to experience JT track by track was in and of itself worth making it out to the tour. It was visually stunning and full of nostalgia from my childhood."
favorite show: 2017-06-14 - Tampa
"It was a transcendent night. Hearing the songs in the track list order was like hearing them for the first time again. It had the ability to take you back to the places you were in the moments you first heard them."
favorite album: The Unforgettable Fire
"If I could choose my vocal range and tamber as a vocalist I would choose to sing like Bono on this album. "
favorite song: Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
"Hits home for me. This was a song of my 20’s and becoming a man and trying to figure things out."