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8 years ago
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favorite tour: ZOO TV
"It's just too much. Visually and Musically. Absolutely mind blowing and stunning. It was groundbreaking. It was a turning point for them, and a turning point for rock shows. I+E or PopMart should be contenders, but ZooTV is just too much."
favorite show: 1993-08-12 - London
"The sequence from the emotional Sarajevo link-up, to (one of) the best Bad ever, thanks to Jo Shankar's violin, to (one of) the fiercest Bullet ever, thanks to Bono fuckyouing the whole world for doing nothing in Sarajevo, to Running, to Streets, to Pride... and that's not even mentioning that it includes one of the very few Zooropa and Babyface performances... and obviously the whole ZooTV show, McPhisto included."
favorite album: The Unforgettable Fire
"Bad, TUF, EPAA, Promenade... this is the best U2."
favorite song: Bad
"Reckless emotion, haunting music... the whole song seems to be without a structure, just like starting and going with it not knowing where it will take you. Mercy and EPAA are another examples of these..."

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