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1981-04-09 - Minneapolis
"Very strong performance with great sou.."
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favorite tour: Lovetown
"U2 unapologetically having the time of their lives playing great shows. They knew this tour meant the end of something and they went out in style. Many, many truly incredible performances. "
favorite show: 1989-12-26 - Dublin
"An amazing night on one of U2's best tours. Lovetown is a big party, and the last shows are a farewell bash for the 1980s, and for a major era of U2. This show captures this brilliantly."
favorite album: Songs Of Experience
"Exactly the album I needed to hear when it came out. U2 completely grown up; their most emotional, naked, unguarded songs. "
favorite song: The Little Things That Give You Away
"Sometimes the end is not coming, it's not coming... the end is here..."

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Vertebrate palaeontologist working on fossil elephants. U2 fan since 2010.
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