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Music, flowers, hiking and autumn
3 years ago
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favorite tour: U2 360° Tour
"U2 and The Rose Bowl, come on... Magical!"
favorite show: 2009-10-25 - Pasadena
"Too many show to pick just one but this show was beyond amazing... It was perfect!"
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"Again, to just pick one! I literally wore this one out. I have the original LP, several cassettes and of this masterpiece. My all time fave that I go back to again and again. "
favorite song: One Tree Hill
"This one always tugs on my heart! Lyrics are like poetry to me and I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. "

about Flowerdiva
I've loved U2 since I was a young teenage girl. I've seen them in concert about 15 times and each time is like the first time!