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11 years ago
2 shows during 2 tours
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favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour
"First time I saw them in concert 1987 in Cork Ireland - you always remember your first time "
favorite show: 2015-11-23 - Dublin
"It was an amazing show with a fabulous homecoming feel especially indoors. The setlist was triumphant with One, Bad, October & 40 nestled in with the new songs. The crowd were magnificent and the band in top form."
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"Every song on that album defined a band at the peak of their career. From the brooding Exit to the uplifting Still. Loaded with the ultimate love song With and a massive anthem Streets - it's hard to imagine it being bettered. Then you get the more personal songs One Tree & Mothers. Every cut on this album is a gem and the band proved they can cut it with the best rockers with Bullet. A defining album in a defining decade with superb musical abilities on show and Bono's real voice coming to the fore."
favorite song: With Or Without You
"Personal to my wife & I but also taken from the best album ever"

about Heff
Lifelong u2 fan with same birthday as Larry Mullen.