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10 months ago
3 shows during 2 tours
personal record

favorite tour: Popmart
"There was something unique about Popmart, every time I listen to it it seems even better (than the real thing)."
favorite show: 2017-06-03 - Chicago
"My first show, I'll always remember the opening of Sunday Bloody Sunday and the closing of I Will Follow."
favorite album: Pop
"There's something amazing about the criminally underrated Pop. From the opening of Discotheque, with a guitar riff that is seemingly always stuck in my head to the beautiful Please."
favorite song: Please
"A beautiful song about The Troubles. Every lyric is perfect. Edge's guitar and Adam's bass are amazing. And Larry's drumming is just right."

about LilHCorny
I started listening to U2 back when Invisible was released. Granted, I was like seven and didn't care for expanding what I listened to too much so that was really all I listened to until Songs of Innocence. Sadly, my parents wouldn't let me see the I+E tour so I was stuck at home. I started playing some songs from the early albums a few years ago like Sunday Bloody Sunday and I Will Follow. Over quarantine I have listened to a lot of other albums, in fact, I've finally listened to every album completely. U2 has always been there for me, and I'm sure it always will be.
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