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Born in England, mother Finnish, father English, one brother. Been livinig in Finland for the last 20 odd years. Seen U2 in concert 6 times, first time was in Stockholm 1993, second was in Helsinki 1997, third time was Dublin 1997, the forth time was at Slane Castle 2001 and fifth time was in Copenhagen 2005 and the last time was Berlin 2009. have all of U2s officially released albums, some on vinyl, cd and audio cassette. Have as many U2 singles that I've managed to get my hands on! Have all the official dvds, and tons of audio and dvd bootlegs of U2s live shows, interviews and tv appearances. I have 9 going 10 large A3 sized scrapbook folders of all the magazine/newspaper articles I've managed to buy/steel/copy!!
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