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2018-11-13 - Berlin
"This being the substitute concert for .."
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Achtung Baby
Maaaike heard 11 songs from the Achtung Baby album live.
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favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
"First time ever to hear A sort of homecoming live. Made me cry."
favorite show: 1993-05-09 - Rotterdam
"My first U2 concert at 17 years old. Went there alone, met the nicest people, and was blown away. What an experience!!!"
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"This album is just magical. Being young, waiting for the CD to be released, the smell of the booklet, the first sounds of the intro of Zoo Station on my headphones..."
favorite song: A Sort Of Homecoming
"This song gets under my skin big time. "

about Maaaike
U2 has been the soundtrack if my life since 1985...still fond of them big time.
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