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5 years ago
favorite tour: U2 360° Tour
"Perfect combination between great music and outstanding stage-production !"
favorite show: 1997-04-25 - Las Vegas
"Careless, uninhibited, art-making U2 just doing what they want and the quality of the songs and performance is incredible !!! Staring at the Sun full band with a mind-bending Edge-riff is my fav live-version of the song !"
favorite album: Pop
"U2 let themselves go.....Less thinking and more feeling, no rules, no boundaries, the height of U2's art-creating powers, doing something challenging that fires up the fan's imagination... Not caring about what people say, just pure creativeness !"
favorite song: Mofo
"The feverish atmosphere, the crazy rhythm section, perfectly placed synths, mysterious sounds...Edge's heart-pounding, breath-taking riff, abstract lyrics which make your imagination go wild....Bono taking a bite out of the world, chewing it, making balloons out of it then telling you to follow what he did and make out your own impression about anything and everything.....IN the end you don't know WHAT it is, all you know is it's very cool.....It must be ART !"

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