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5 years ago
10 shows during 7 tours
personal record

favorite tour: ZOO TV
"Zoo cool! Gothenburg (1992), Stockholm and London (1993)"
favorite show: 2017-07-25 - Paris
"Pure nostalgia, thirty years after my first concert"
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"In God's Country, Where The Streets Have No Name, what more can I say? Keeping the Faith (one of my first vinyl bootlegs), U2 Start quoted Bono: "The Joshua Tree is the best record we've made to date, but it will not be our best record by a long shot." - Bono at the end of the Eighties "
favorite song: Book Of Your Heart
"Obviously, there are far better epic tunes. While this one stuck with me instantly, many a U2 tune is a favourite of mine"

about Remmar
Spoken fluently: Swedish, French, English & Spanish ( I mention this for pre- and after parties re U2 Concerts, and ticket problems, hotel bookings etc.) Musician, artist, lawyer, shipowner, editor and publisher. Current avatar (my late dog, just before the announcement of the JT30-Tour. She got her ticket, though (edit: and another one for 2018!).
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