Male, 48
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United Kingdom
2 years ago
5 shows during 5 tours
personal record

favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour
"My youth - I was literally a few months too young to be able to get tickets but the JTT album/tour was my life that year. Had some great bootlegs on cassette ! "
favorite show: 2001-08-18 - London
"My first U2 gig for a number of reasons - but favourite because this tour was stripped back to what I fell in love with them for - being a truly awesome rock n roll band. What an incredible experience to see them live, close up as well, from the side of the stage. Great set list also"
favorite album: The Unforgettable Fire
"Under a Blood Red Sky really got me into U2 - UF was the first U2 studio album I bought. The transition from War to JT via such great tracks as ASOH, Bad, MLK, Promenade was perfect. "
favorite song: With Or Without You
"To be truthful I've got two - WOWY and One Tree Hill love them equally the same. I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard WOWY and the feeling of emotion that swept over me still remains firmly embedded in my memory "