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Being a good Dad, Chasing my dream of my WSOP bracelet, self development, making a difference and of course U2
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4 years ago
2 shows during 1 tour
personal record

favorite tour: Elevation Tour
"Felt like the band was peaking. Great set lists and energy. First ever GA for me. Saw them in 5 different cities while seeing a new baseball stadium in each city as well."
favorite show: 2017-05-12 - Vancouver
"It was a surprising opening set list. The crowd was electric. High energy, almost no breaks in between Rocked . Plus having first ever performances was cool. "
favorite album: All That You Can't Leave Behind
"Every song has meaning , beauty , rhythms and a flow into each other"
favorite song: Bad
"The words and music speak to me. So many incredible live performances ...Live Aid...hello"

about U2Gat
I'm a single loving Dad of a 13 year old. I'm a super nice guy with a big heart who does his best to be outwardly focused. I'm a kick ass poker player who has been playing for a living since 2005. I have been an avid U2 fan since War and have seen them almost every US tour since Joshua Tree. I only missed them when I couldn't afford it. I just saw them opening night in Vancouver and it was awesome.
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