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Music, electric guitar, books, drawing... and U2 <3
7 years ago
about Ultraviolet_
Hello, everybody! My name is Imma, I am 13 years old and I live in Naples. U2 are my favourite band since I was 3. At this age, my daddy use to listen to them... I'll never finish to thank him for it xD So, i think you have understand, they are my great passion. I'm writing a book about them: U2 Could Happen To Anyone. ♥ I have a lot of interests. I love drawing. I love drawing the song I listen to. I love drawing what I feel. This is very fantastic <3 I love reading to. My favourite book is The Little Prince. It is very very important for me. I love speaking English too. I'd like attend a private course, because I want to learn everything about this language. I'd like live in Ireland, obvious! *.* What else can I say? I am admin in the Let Me In The Sound!U2ForumItaly, the official U2 Italian forum ** Well, that's all xD Goodbye, people! ^^