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High School Visual Arts Teacher
Music (electronica, 60s pop, psych, avant-jazz and much more), Football, Subbuteo, Graphic Design, Visual Arts,
7 years ago
4 shows during 4 tours
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favorite tour: ZOO TV
"the 90s were when U2 was the zeitgeist. ZOOTV was the internet before it hit the overground."
favorite show: 2006-11-10 - Sydney
"mostly due to the feeling of adam's bass going through my body during 'love and peace or else'. and kite. and miss sarajevo - bono singing opera - wow!"
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"i was 19 and my favourite band in the world became the most important band in the world making the music of the past, present and future all at once."
favorite song: Hawkmoon 269
"running the entire gamut from whisper to a scream. U2 at its most U2-est. "