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17 years ago
12 shows during 5 tours
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favorite tour: Innocence and Experience tour
"My dream was to see them in their hometown, so I traveled to Dublin to the last two dates over there.... Incredible..."
favorite show: 2011-05-14 - Mexico City
"The first time I saw them so closed to the stage... AMAZING..."
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"The musical landscape is soo mesmerizing... and includes my favourite song.."
favorite song: Where The Streets Have No Name
"The live version of WTSHNN is for me, the climax of every U2 concert... The vibe, the feeling around the stadium (or arena), the people chearing every word, every chord... an amazing experience..."

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a mexican fan since 1996 (pop era), my first concert was the vertigo tour in 2006. I have seeing them since then in all the tours so far..
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