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5 months ago
15 shows during 10 tours
personal record

favorite tour: ZOO TV
"It was just a game changer and I went three times during that tour, twice to dance and go crazy and the third time to sit back and watch the incredible graphics."
favorite show: 1987-06-27 - Dublin
"It was the Joshua Tree Tour and it was a homecoming like no other. It was a really emotional tour in Ireland for us Irish fans, a true homecoming of the biggest band in the World."
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"It was building all the time for the band to get better and better and bringing in Eno/Lanois achieved this incredible album. It is my favourite album because it evokes everything for me, a time and place, been Irish, been from the same neighbourhood as Bono. Sublime!"
favorite song: One Tree Hill
"It is for me the highlight of my favourite album, what more can I say, this song leaves me an emotional mess, it reminds me of my father every time I hear it. "

about beatlebum
Grew up beside Bono in Dublin and on the same street as his relations and now Berlin right beside where David Bowie and Iggy Pop lives. Been a fan of U2 since 1983 when as I 14 year old I went to see them in Phoenix Park in Dublin. My favourite albums are The Joshua Tree and How to Dismantle an Atomic Band. Been lucky to have seen U2 live every tour in Ireland since 1983 and every show in Berlin since I came here in 2008. Peace and love everyone.
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