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9 years ago
about ceebee
Born in Rotterdam in the summer of ยด69, I only started to become a fan of U2 with the release of The Joshua Tree and its first single With Or Without You. That song is also my all time favorite U2 song. It gives me goose bumps again and again. Thanks to The Joshua Tree I started to visit U2 concerts and got introduced to all the great songs that I had already missed. Another song (+ video) that gives me goose bumps is All I Want Is You. From all the concerts and festivals I have been to in my live I can honestly say there is no attendance crowd like the U2 fans. I have collected pretty much of U2 music on CD including bootlegs but left it behind with my brother when I moved to Istanbul, Turkey in 2014. One day I hope to have that all accessible again to enjoy the memories and good music.