Female, 45
Lives in:
17 years ago
6 shows during 3 tours
personal record

favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
"I flew halfway around the world to be part of this tour and saw two shows: Santa Clara and Pasadena 2."
favorite show: 2017-05-21 - Pasadena
"Because I was 4 rows away from Bono, and I heard Bad, Hear Us Coming and SHINE LIKE STARS live! It was a dream come true!"
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"This was the album that made me a U2 fan for life."
favorite song: Bad
"All I Want Is You will always be the first song that got my attention, but lately Bad has left me in a puddle of tears every time I hear it. It must be something in the 'let it go' verse (If Bono tells me to let it go, damn right I'm gonna let it go), coupled with Edge's tentative, yearning guitar that gets me every time."