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7 years ago
favorite tour: U2 360° Tour
"The first time I was up close to the stage. I brought someone new to each show I saw. "
favorite show: 2015-06-25 - Chicago
"Best performance so far. Best spot to see the show. "
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"The first CD I bought with my own money!"
favorite song: One
"The song that hooked me. This video would play 20 times a day on Mtv and I would never get bored of it!!!"

about crumbs0274
I recently moved from California to Nebraska to help my sister out with her three kids. I'm in my mid 30s. I love all types of music, with U2 being my favorite! I grew up listening to them with my dad (who took me to my first U2 concert) and have loved them ever since. Other things I'm into are photography, good indie flicks, table top games, shuffleboard beer and sushi. I'm slowly making it to many of the cities on my bucketlist! I love exploring new cities with friends and family! I've learned to cherish the time I have and be thankful for everyday!
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