Male, 45
Lives in:
Antwerp, Belgium
8 years ago
favorite tour: ZOO TV
"Moved to Ireland for a while to follow them during the tour. This was my first tour and couldn't get enough."
favorite show: 2015-11-18 - Belfast
"The crowd was one of the best. Went all alone but never felt alone. Waited for Bono outside and got to see him !!"
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"This was the record that convinced me to make U2 my only and most fav band"
favorite song: Where The Streets Have No Name
"goosbumps... still every single time I hear it. The clip was soooo great, I hope one day they do this again but in Europe this time."

about francka1
U2 lover for so many years. Try to go to 4 concerts every tour in Europe. Hope one day to see them outside Europe too.