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Environmental Consultant-Freelance
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2 years ago
personal record

favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour
"Love the album and the memory of it"
favorite show: 2017-09-22 - San Diego
"short notice decision to go to see the show due to works commitment, thankfully the timing finally work out in just four week have to arrange the trip from Indonesia to The US and glad that i finally made the trip"
favorite album: Rattle and Hum
"Van Diemen's land hooked me and all the live version just unbelievable "
favorite song: New Year's Day
"Being in tropical country, we dont have snow the thought of having white New Years day never comes to mind, but the song made me believe that we can have a quite, white NYD"

about je4nte3
Live in Bandung-West java Indonesia. Love travelling for work but mostly going for concerts since my fav bands rarely comes by to this regions, mostly to Perth since it is the closest from home, the furthest was to the US-NYC for my first U2 show in 2015.