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I guess the main point is how I came to know about U2, it was 1993 and a local tv channel would show videos from alternative bands, among those U2, and the very first video I saw was Lemon, the style of the video caught me in awe and at that very moment I knew I would follow this band. The next video I saw was Stay and it confirmed my belief, there was something special about the music these guys make, I searched for their album all around until I found it. I still remember the moment I put it on my cassette player and started to hear the notes for Zoo Station, I listened to the entire album over and over until I knew the songs by heart. Throughout time I've always been interested in other styles of music, but I always come back to U2 for one reason or another, their music is full of soul and passion. Recently I was on a trip and forgot to bring music with me, however I checked my smartphone to see if I had any music in cache (thanks to Google Music) and lo and behold, there I had the entire bootleg for the 1997 Popmart tour show in Mexico City, the driving was 4 hours long, the company of U2 made it very easy to do.