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3 years ago
11 shows during 7 tours
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favorite tour: Popmart
"U2 is still in their 30s, they think they still are 20 years old with a lot of energy and self belief. This shows, especially from leg 2 i Europe, takes the test of the time, and are, in my opinion, really good. "
favorite show: 2009-06-30 - Barcelona
"1 concert of 1 leg of 360 tour was a really special experience. The atmosphere was amazing, and the band seemed to be very exited too! "
favorite album: Pop
"Underrated and almost forgotten by the band, but it stands the test of time, and brings some new influences to their music witch I think was a good thing. Some songs are quite good, and should be played more often! Not to overproduced like some of their later albums... "
favorite song: Bad
"Brilliant song! "