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Listening to and playing music, drumming, guitar, literature, film, old pop culture
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favorite tour: ZOO TV
"Though it has always fluctuated between Zoo TV, Popmart, Vertigo and 360,"
favorite show: 2009-07-24 - Dublin
"Because I was there!"
favorite album: Pop
"Again i find it very hard to choose but I love "Pop" and don't think it sounds unfinished at all. I think they should play more songs from it live. Same goes for Zooropa"
favorite song: Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
"I don't have a favourite but at the minute Stay is one of my favourites"

about mookymookins
My name is Michael, I'm 21 and I'm from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I've studied English at university in the past and now I study Music performance. I have played drums for 11 years and guitar for about 6 years. I have been a U2 fan since 2007. They were one of the first proper bands I ever got into and I got to know them because my Dad has been a fan since around 1981 and already had all their main studio albums. i was very young and quickly became obsessed and started to collect their B-sides and listen to some live bootlegs. I have seen U2 live once at Croke Park 24/07/2009. I listen to tons more music alongside U2 (for about 6 years I didn't listen to much U2 as I was discovering all the other great music that's out there). I love garage rock, rhythm and blues, psychedelia, art rock, glam rock, hard rock, folk rock, grunge, Britpop, shoegaze, 80s indie pop, jangle pop, 70s and 80s punk, post-punk, new wave, garage rock, electronic/synthpop, disco, soul, experimental, lo-fi and even a little bit of modern pop and bits and pieces of hip hop and even jazz too. I think the 60s-90s was an absolute golden age for music though that doesn't mean that there isn't great music around at the minute. Sometimes you just have to look for it.
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